"If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint."-Edward Hopper

Sofia is a NYC based artist. She is interested in how through painting, and the celebration of paint a story can be told. Throughout the semester she has been playing with modes of representation in a dialogue with a larger history, both a personal and cultural history. These projects explore interests in 19th century culture and innovation, her own personal history, and the relationship She has with New York and its history. While she has been exploring several serialized projects to help realize this mode of storytelling, she has been beginning to focus on a specific event in New York history.

In an ongoing project Sofia has become fascinated with the complicated story of the murder of Stanford White in 1906; He was an influential architect and member of the social elite in a time of exploration and change is society. His murder brought to light his nefarious secret life and his exploitation of young girls trying to make it in the new theatre seen in NYC.  Sofia is weaving a narrative of this story though paint. The growing collection of these paintings are meant to tell the story of this event without painting the actual murder.  This process is meant to invoke how we remember the series of events that lead to a momentous one, and how those little moments are in their own right. The story itself is heavily involved in photography, theatre and the stage--things that were major aspects of early 19th century society life in New York. Because of this Sofia has used both photographs and staged live models to work from